Anne Fish Cast Iron Doorstops

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Anne Harriet Fish was a British cartoonist and illustrator during World War One and the early 1920s.  Her clever and cute cartoons published in Vogue and Vanity Fair established her as a humorous commentator on Post-War youth, sort of a British counterpart to America's John Held Jr.

By the mid 1920s, Anne Fish was selling her novel designs to American manufactures to produce as novelty giftware.  Fulper Pottery produced several of her designs in decorated pottery, while one or more metal companies, such as Hubley,  were manufacturing Anne Fish designed lamps, bottle openers, door stops and other items in painted cast iron.  Because of the whimsy exhibited in Fish characters, and their connection to the lost ingenuousness of the 1920s, these items have become highly collectable.

Very recently, newly manufactured "Fish" cast iron doorstop reproductions have appeared on Ebay.   These very faithfully mimic the 1920s originals in quality and decoration, even bearing a cast " FISH" trademark.  The "Dancers" are 8-3/4" tall, the "Bathers" are 11" tall.  These also seem to be coming from China.  They are high quality, well-decorated and have unfortunately fooled several collectors.




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