The Collector's Encyclopedia of 
Stangl Artware, Lamps & Birds ~ Second Edition

This groundbreaking New Book thoroughly details STANGL POTTERY'S Bird, Lamp, Artware, Giftware, and Sportsman's lines!  Sequel and companion volume to Collector's Encyclopedia of Stangl Dinnerware and Collector's Encyclopedia of Stangl Artware, Lamps & Birds.

Rob at a recent speaking 
engagement & book-signing.

This entirely new book features the MOST comprehensive historical study of the Hill, Fulper and Stangl potteries. Research breakthroughs!!  What induced Samuel Hill to start a pottery in Flemington?  When did Fulper start producing stoneware?  Where did the inspiration for Fulper's famous Germ Proof Filter originate?   

Fulper's Famous Filter.

All of this information can be found in the all-encompassing History chapter.  Did you ever wonder how Fulper went from producing drainpipe to becoming known for some of the Arts & Crafts era's most coveted shapes and glazes?  What were some of Fulper's early advertising campaigns that changed the course of the company?  How were the Fulper Pottery Co. and Martin Stangl influenced by the American Federation of Arts?  The answers to these and countless other questions will surprise and amaze the reader.

Original Hill Pottery drainpipe.
Excavated from beneath the streets of Flemington.


Previously unknown Fulper Porcelain catalog.

New discoveries include heretofore unknown catalogs, documentation, photos, diaries, lines shapes and glazes.

Follow the author through the decades detailing the evolution from Hill through Fulper to Stangl and the associated potteries in between.  


Decorated #901 Coffee Set
Only example known!!

Remember the fantastic surprises to be found in the Collector's Encyclopedia of Stangl Dinnerware?  Well, the tidbits and surprises in THIS book will knock your socks off!   Page after page will reveal the creative genius and business acumen that produced the quality artwares so romanced today.


Fulper Porcelaines.

This book includes, identifies and values the extensive line of  Fulper Porcelaines produced during the 1920s.  Designed by Martin Stangl, and bearing his mark, this is truly the birth of "Stangl" pottery.

Fulper Porcelaine powder jar.



Birds, Birds, Birds!  Stangl's most revered and collected artware line, Birds have never been more popular.


The line is thoroughly described, revealing many details never before published!



Stangl's Animal Figurines are a close second to the  Birds in popularity!  This book explains the when, why and how of the Animal line!

What about those Black & White animals?

Discover the glory of Stangl's colors and glazes as they have never been presented before.  The extensive line of vases and novelties is fully chronicled and valued.

Two Stangl Hand-Made shapes.

Learn the identity of Stangl's unmarked Hand-Made artware of the 1920s and 1930s.  This line is becoming one of Stangl's fastest growing collector categories!  THIS book will correctly identify each shape and glaze!



See what's hot in Whatnots!!


Learn the secrets of Stangl
Miniature Vases.  Which ones are;
and which ones are not?


What are the Minis to watch for?

Sunburst? or "Rainbow"?


The highly provocative
Wolf cigarette holder!


Stangl's popular bird motif artware.

Just who was the FISK for whom Stangl produced 
this elegant vase during the early 1930s?


What IS that glaze?


What is the secret of the Macy's Flowerpot?


Some popular Solid-Color Vases.


See the ultra rarities!!


What makes this gal so unique?


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