Stangl Pottery Lamps:
Beginning in the 1920s through the 1970s, Stangl produced hundreds of lamp designs for dozens of lamp companies and distributors.  This book is the first to identify and value many of Stangl's lamps.  The volume and scope of Stangl's lamp designs will amaze and astound even the most seasoned collector!

Designed by Reuben Haley, 
Stangl's Dancing Nudes lamp features 
exotic figures in fluid motion.


Stangl's fabulous Lovebird lamps have long been 
erroneously attributed to Muncie Pottery.  This, 
and other misconceptions regarding the Fulper-Stangl Pottery 
product lines are finally corrected in this volume! 


Rose Crackle glazed Archers.


Made for the New Art Company,
Stangl called this one "French Decorated".


1920s Deco boudoir lamp.


Square Modern shape in Turquoise glaze.


Boudoir lamp in primitive shape.


Rose glazed art deco boudoir.


Primitive shape in the Multi-Color glaze.


Stangl's hard to find Hunt Scene lamp.


Glaze-decorated lamp with ivy motif 
and matching original shade.


Excellent example of Sunburst glaze.


Rare example of one of Stangl's "carved" designs.


Unusual glaze treatment on a 1930s shape.


Always a favorite, Stangl's Piggy child's lamp.


Two different Deco lamps.


Very rare all-over "Moroccan" design.


Decorated lamp from the "5000" series.


Centaur lamp from the late 1930s.


Hand-painted lamp made for
Mutual Sunset in the late 1940s.


The Mutual Sunset Rooster.








All photos copyright Robert C. Runge Jr.
May not be used without permission.