Stangl Pottery 1930s-1970s Art Pottery:

In mid-1930s, Stangl began producing Satin glazes and smooth, streamlined modern shapes.


Can you recognize the Satin glazed rarities?


Just who IS Alice Blue?
The one on the left?  Or the one on the right?

Answer: Neither, both are hard to find Silk Blue.


Stangl's Terra Rose was exceedingly 
popular during the 1940s and 1950s.

The Terra Rose line was well known 
for exuberant and larger-than-life sculptures,
such as the popular Gazelle Vase.

New discovery!
Yellow Terra Rose!!

More Fantastic New Discovery!
Indian Bookends!


Stangl's Antique Gold, introduced during the 1950s, is gaining rapidly in popularity across the nation.  The earliest pieces were fashioned with a textured, hand-formed appearance.  The green copper stain was applied heavily under the glaze, giving a black oxidized effect under the brushed gold luster.

Antique Gold with cobalt blue under the gold is much 
more elusive than items brushed with copper green.

By the late 1950s, elegant shapes 
were more in vogue.

Some items are much more desirable 
than others.  Do you know which?


Several artware lines were
developed by Kay Hackett.


Irene Sarnecki also developed
some artware finishes.


Rose Herbeck designed artware as well.


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